LED searchlight

The new generation of special vehicle from Volkswagen will use a new  operation concept (SFA) to control different special vehicle functions.

The LED searchlight control is such a new function. ZSI technology developed a concept and a prototype of the searchlight.

The LED based searchlight will be set up for special vehicles with focus on police cars. Vehicles from authorities or Special Forces weren`t in the focus but favoured.

Technical conditions:

  • LED-based with a range min. 100m
  • Rotatable in 2 axes
  • Control via touchscreen

Characteristics of the prototype:

  • Usage for special vehicle
  • LED technology
  • Max. Illumination (range, diameter)
  • Functions: dim, focus
  • Optional camera
  • Swift availability (no reference driving)
  • High rotation speed
  • High adjustable angles
  • Cost saving
  • Standardised components
  • High user friendliness (touch screen)
  • Low maintenance
  • Automotive conform
  • Law conform
  • CAN interface
  • No dependency to roof beam manufactures

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