Trouble Shooting expertise

With the trend of globalisation and concentration on core competences, complex components will be developed and produced by different companies.

The manufacturer with the systems responsibility must test the individual packages and merge them without errors. Finally he gets the approval from the OEM to produce and deliver the part.

The system design is caused by the used engineering and technology. If different kind of engineering and technology will be merged, for example mechatronic components, the risks of quality problems in the serial phase rise and end customers can criticize them. Typical notifications of defects are interfering radiations and functional errors.

Within the trouble shooting process the serial component will be disassembled in functions and components and analysed. The notifications of defects will be reconstructed and the points of failure will be systematically solved.

The verification of the complete component based on a prototype which has to fulfil the specifications. The results will enter the series as soon as the quality requirements are met.

ZSI technology worked on this kind of service packages for numerous renowned companies in the automotive industry.


Wiper electric drive

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