Engineering expertise

The complexity of parts and components is growing, based on versatile customer wishes, in particular, and the resultant market conditions.

Good examples are products for the automotive industry.

The challenge is to meet the established administrative, qualitative and technical requirements without any economical loss.

In order to successfully implement these objectives it’s helpful to consolidate all necessary disciplines within the scope of the product development process, in particular from the beginning.

The engineering concept of the part or component will be developed within this group. Useful interfaces between mechanic, electronic, software and the technical basics in the predevelopment phase will be defined. The interdisciplinary development team works closely together until no further coordination’s are necessary.  After this point, the working group will then be dissolved.

If it should turn out there is another optimisation potential at the end of the product creation process, the former development teams met again to work out solutions.

Important for the optimal group combination is the presence of all necessary expert knowledge from the development and production. To assure the efficient fabrication is a essential criteria for the total success of the product development.

ZSI technology realises the specified scope of service, on request with delivery of the parts and components or provides partial performance according to individual requirements.


Mounting adapter for special vehicles

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