Core competencies

In the phase of predevelopment ideas are checked for their technical feasibility and afterwards implementation concepts are prepared. The implementation concepts include the formulation of all technical details as well as the economical considerations according to the target price specific to the market. For this purpose multi industrial know-how and decades of experience in technical details are of great importance. The validation of the results occur in line with the functional tests on the prototypes.

Software development:
All the realtime and application-oriented software development projects are based on the quality requirements of the customer. The software architecture arises according to CMMI. The specification is implemented by the application of commonly accepted guide lines, by utilisation of standard parts as well as by the development of reusable software modules.

Electronics development:
In the electronic development systems for control and regulation as well as operation functions and displays are developed as bus systems and driver concepts for actuators. In the course of the verification, sample devices are tested according the product specific requirements to ensure the functional reliability of all functions.

Modelling and development of the elements and components of diverse construction materials, like plastic and metal is carried out according to FEM-simulations and with the use of standardised guide lines. The construction is accomplished by using of market-leading 3D CAD systems. Prototypes are realised by means of 3D scanning technologies.

Production performance:
Manually assembled electronic components, plastic injection moulded parts and metallic parts can be manufactured. Prototypes, sample and serial parts can be realized. LR Fahrzeugbau GmbH ( is connected through the owner structure with ZSI technology GmbH and covers all metalwork topics.

Technical solutions are worked out to solve problems, which arise during the product development and/or mass production. Furthermore feasibility studies will be implemented to prove the serial readiness of new products.